Hokus Pokus Swedish High Chair 3 in 1 Rocking Chair Table Highchair

From Sweden comes the Hokus Pokus 3-in-1 highchair.  Manufactured since 1967, the Hokus Pokus has been a part of many childrens’ lives and continues to exist as one of the most functional on the market today worldwide.

The  Hokus Pokus is convertible. It can be used as a high chair, low table and a rocker with steering wheel.  And the best part is, you can change functions simply by turning the unit over – NO MOVING PARTS.

The innovative 3 in 1 design meets international safety standards and is safe to use with children until they no longer fit!

Combined with being easy to clean, lightweight and extremely flexible the Hokus Pokus is an absolute winner with parents and is the ultimate 3 in 1 highchair for your family.

Choosing the best for your child no longer has to be a hard choice. The Hokus Pokus can be a part of your family not only at meal times but also for play. Designed to last, it is an investment in fun and the future.

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Meal times are an important part of family life – and the Hokus Pokus is designed to be a part of that time.

The height allows your child to sit with you at the dining table, making your child a part of the family dinner routine and allowing them to learn and develop.

The addition of rubber bumpers on the front handlebar help protect your furniture and allow the highchair to be pushed up close to your dining table.



Role playing is an important part of a child’s development.

With another simple flip of the Hokus Pokus we have the rocker. Consequently your young loved one can pretend to drive just like Mummy and Daddy with the rocker function.

A steering wheel compliments this function and assists with your child’s learning and development through various motor skills and interactivity.

Low Table

Low Table

With a simple flip your child can be entertaining themselves with art or craft activities at the low table.

The table function is perfect for your little one to eat and ‘make a mess’. With a large table area it gives ample room to spread things out and experience the joys of food.

Also the small lip helps keep things on the table and assists with clean up – just wipe with a damp cloth.

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Features & Benefits


The highchair includes a wooden handlebar and strap to stop slipping. A strap runs through all functions to keep your little one safe at all times. The Hokus Pokus has been stringently tested and conforms to EU 14988 1-2:2006 for safety.


Being extremely lightweight at only 6.5kg it can be moved and stored easily. Assembled size is 85cm high x 50cm wide.


Soft padded seats made from artificial leather make this easy to clean and comfortable for your little one. The plastic parts are all child friendly and food safe and only need a damp cloth for cleaning.


The recommended age for children is from six months (or when they can sit up on their own) to an age where they can no longer fit.


We deliver flat packed and un-assembled. A screwdriver and a small amount of time is needed to put it together.

  • Rubber Bumpers to protect furniture
  • Soft padded seats made from artificial leather
  • Table for feeding and art/craft/reading
  • Wooden handlebar and strap to stop slipping. As a result our highchairs are safe to use.
  • The Hokus Pokus conforms to EU 14988 1-2:2006 for safety.
  • Because it is extremely lightweight at only 6.5kg it can be moved easily.
  • Steering wheel for play time