Swedish Rocker Child Chair

Becoming a parent is a joyous time, but choosing your child’s furniture can be hard – one item no longer has to be – the highchair!

With smaller houses and apartments becoming the norm it is essential to have furniture that meets multiple requirements.  This is where the Hokus Pokus high chair excels.

To be with the whole of the family at mealtime is an crucial stage in your infant or toddler’s development. Not only does this provide the opportunity to be exposed to more interaction and language, it will also introduce a wide variety of foods to your toddler. This helps prevent fussing and helps to ensure your toddler gets the full complement of vitamins, nutrients and minerals in their diet. Our highchairs enable your toddler to safely join in the fun of mealtimes, keeping them both mobile when needed and stable and secure when it’s time to eat.

No more do you need 3 items of furniture when just 1 will suit.  A highchair by design, but with a simple flip or twist it also becomes a rocking chair or a child’s table / desk.

The height allows your baby to eat at the table with the rest of the family – helping to develop necessary social skills.  Or you can flip to the table function and allow your child to eat or play alone.  This level is very similar to that of a coffee table and the perfect height to play from the couch.

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Some History of the high chair

Designed and manufactured in Sweden since 1967. The Hokus Pokus high chair (Hókus Pókus Stóll) was originally made from timber until production changed to its current plastic form in 1972.

Sold around the world, it has been a part of many childrens’ lives and continues to exist as one of the most functional and best highchairs on the market today worldwide.

Wooden Hokus Pokus HighchairHigh Chair Rocker Table - Hokus Pokus - 3 in 1 Highchair -

Hokus Pokus high chairs have been used and loved by Swedish mums since 1967. They are known for their colourful style, ease of use and 3 in 1 functionality.

Make the whole family part of the dinner routine and let your little one develop and grow with you. Our Hokus Pokus Original highchairs are super stylish products that not only look gorgeous but are also incredibly functional, adjustable and long-lasting – all at an affordable price not often seen on the baby market.

Our high chairs easily convert from stand-alone highchairs into a rocking chair with a steering wheel for playing. Role playing is an important part of a child’s development. Pretend to drive like mum and dad – one of the most loved
functions of the Hokus Pokus. This function assists with your child’s learning and development through various motor skills and interactivity.
To further extend the functionality of the high chair, there is one more vital function available. The 3rd position is a low table with tray. Your child can use this for eating or for playtime as well. A small lip on the table prevents crayons and objects falling onto the floor. The table function is perfect for your little one to eat and ‘make a mess’. With a large table area it gives ample room to spread things out and experience the joys of food. To clean up – just wipe with a damp cloth.

The super stylish design is what makes this one of the most popular available. With multiple colour options available you can match your highchair to the rest of your furniture and décor.

So whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, you’re sure to love our high chairs as much as we do. Shop the range and invest in a highchair that is guaranteed to be with you for years and years to come.

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