Cost of high chairs….. What is a cheap high chair really worth?

Published by Craig Brumby on

High Chair - Rocker - Hokus Pokus - 3 in 1

There are plenty of cheap high chairs on the market in Australia. The Ikea high chair is certainly one of the most popular for being cheap and easy to clean. Scandinavian design really is hard to beat…but so is quality. So what is the TRUE cost of a highchair – does it really matter in the long run?

But what is a highchair really worth? Consider how much space they can take up and how often you use it.

If your baby only uses it for meal time then it can be a big eyesore and take up a lot of space in your dining room.  And how long will it last? If you buy one for your first child, will it last for others in the future?  Consider how long your child may use it.  Starting at 6 months and up until 2-3 years old… you think a cheap high chair will last this long?

We have slowly been conditioned to buy throw away items as they are cheap and ‘do the job’ for a while. If it doesn’t last very long, “Oh well, it didn’t cost much”. I know I have been bitten by this too many times in the past, but not anymore. Stores like Big-W, K-Mart and Target are easy to blame for this shopping habit, but even they are changing their way of thinking again. It’s not just the bottom line that will determine the cost of a highchair.

If I can buy something that will last for the job I want and more, then I am onto a winner.  I would much rather spend a bit more money on a quality item and know it will last for years to come.

Then throw into the mix a product that will do more than just one job and do them all as good as the main design function. Now you have an item that is even more valuable to you. You don’t need multiple tools to get a job done.

The Hokus Pokus is one example of this type of product. A true 3 in 1. Highchair, rocking chair and low craft table/eating tray. It is not designed to be a cheap high chair – but one that lasts and serves its purpose.

Swedish Rocker Child Cheap Chair

We don’t charge what this product is really worth because we want to make it affordable.  To buy all three items separately you would spend well over $400 for quality pieces of furniture.  Buy just one for $299 and you can have all 3 anyway – and it will last.  The cost of a highchair just became a lot more irrelevant…….We give a 3 year warranty on the Hokus Pokus.  How long do other manufacturers give on their highchair?

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